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New Ways of Leading.

Rethink Festival?

Rethink Festival is a multi day festival/conference. On Friday (20th Nov), there will be an interactive workshop "New Ways of Working" online. On Saturday (21st Nov) there will be a virtual conference with 2 keynotes and over 20 sessions.

2020 Speakers

Self-organisation, New Work, Regenerative Economy, Circular Economy, Post-Growth-Society, Personal Empowerment, Systemic Change, Purpose Driven, New Green Deal, Reinventing Organisations, Design Thinking, Ikigai, Agile Processes, CoWorking, CoCreation, Human Centered Design, Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, Change Management, Teal Organisation

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In Person
Virtual Conference with 2 keynotes + 20 sessions

Why attend
Rethink Festival?

Discover latest
social technologies.

Attend one of the social technologies lab and learn more about Holacracy, Sociocracy, Reinventing organisations, TheoryU, Liberating Structures, Agile and more.

Connect with like minded people.

You are not alone. All attendees feel the same about change and transformation. Connect and discuss your issues in practical sessions or hold a spontanous BoF yourself.

Learn and experience what transformation means to your organisation.

We encourage you to attend, get inspired and reflect your person situation. There will be 1:1 meetings online as well as open space rooms to discuss your questions.

Change Makers
& Speakers

Benefits of rethink.

18+ Hours of Content

Dive into new ways of working. A long list of sessions are waiting.

One Day Workshops

Attend the one day workshop "New Ways of Working".

Expert Speakers

Learn from experience people.

1-on-1 Meetings

Meet people online with our "networking tool" in the virtual conference.

Networking & Community

A festival is all about getting together. Personal exchange is key. So, talk!

Live Q&A

Every session will end with a Q&A, so prepare your questions and get all the info you need.

Rethink Sponsors

Without sponsors, this festival is not possible.
We are still looking for sponsors. Get in touch.
Thank you!

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