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Answers to the challenges of organisations and individuals and its impact on society and nature.

Our Mission

We want to bring people together who care about healthy organisations, teams and individuals leading towards self-sufficient and strong communities.

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Lukas Fischer

Founder & Steward

Nicloa Buric

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend Rethink festival?

Everybody who wants to learn and exchange about emerging concepts and social technologies.
We think, that decision makers, entrepreneurs and knowledge workers from all industries can benefit the most.

Are There Discounts Available for Students?


Is there a Replay or Recording?

There is no publicly available replay or record of the festival. A lot of content of the festival are workshops. However, every festival participant receives a yearly subscription to the social technology learning platform.

Is Rethink Festvial for Beginners or Experts?

On key intention of Rethink Festival is to bring more people into the "new" mindset. So it's definitely for beginners. If you are already familiar with "teal" concepts, you'll find a lot of expert information and inspiration for your work.

Is Rethink Festival a Recorded or Live Event?

It's a live event. However, we record the sessions and will provide the recordings to the people who bought the ticket.

What is the Rethink Festival Refund Policy?

We cannot refund the ticket.