How we built a concious and energetic community

First hand experience in building Reconomy Luxemburg.

21 Nov
11 am
12 am

About the Session

I will share with you how it all started @REconomy Luxembourg - how we built a community of eco-entrepreneurs from scratch to an energetic and involved co-creators community giving their time to renovate our/their own place of work, participating in collective sessions, helping out one another. How we do FOR and WITH the people including them in each step of the process. I will give you some examples of events that we have organized in that way : the "Well-Being Forum" and the "Conscious Entrepreneurs X-mas Market". There is another way of working: more consciously while gathering people to reach common goals.

What you will learn

You will learn about our mindset based on the living lab methodology: "when citizens, inhabitants, users are considered as key actors in the research and innovation processes. Stimulating collaborations between heterogeneous profiles of people in order to co-create and develop unexpected solutions". You will learn on how a CODEV - intelligence collective session-based can help to expand a project.

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