Introduction to BetaCodex

Learn the fundamentals of Betacodex.

21 Nov
12:00 am
1:00 pm

About the Session

Beta is the organisational way of thinking and acting that is fit for complex markets and fit for human beings. It is articulated through a set of 12 principles. The BetaCodex is the basis for designing decentralization and self-organization and is open source. As it relays on principles instead of rules the BetaCodex fits in all situations a company encounters nowadays. Beta organisations are viable for the future and sturdy for complexity. Cornerstones for Beta organisations are the way you think about people, transparency and decentralised decisions.

What you will learn

You will gain an overview of the 12 principles and you will get a glimpse how a Beta organisation might look like. And you will have an idea how to transform towards a Beta organisation. You will understand why «Top Down Management» is no longer suitable for our complex market situation and why your staff is already ready to solve complex problems.

Are you ready?

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