Introduction to Sociocracy 3.0

Learn and understand the fundamentals of Sociocracy 3.0.

21 Nov
10:00 am
11:00 am


About the Session

When things are complex, "truth" and "consensus" are not suitable paradigms for decisions making. We need concepts that take into account that things are changing and we are constantly gaining new insights. Sociocracy 3.0 uses time as a resource for better decisions.

In the past, "truth" and "consensus" were the pillars for making good decisions. But as we make our way through increasing social complexity, we realize that these pillars are beginning to falter. We find ourselves in a real paradigm shift.If we try to find out what is true, we inevitably come across ambiguous signs and contradicting arguments. Plans, strategies and decisions can hardly be followed for long. And trying to find consensus takes too much time.The two paradigms, truth and consensus, rely on "perseverance", on not changing things. But circumstances may change tomorrow and we must set new priorities. Provisionality becomes a necessity. How do we develop concepts that enable changeability and reversibility? And what is the use of practices like Sociocracy 3.0?

What you will learn

We take a look at what it means to decide in "Permanent Beta". We look at how Sociocracy 3.0 uses the wisdom of the group to setup safe-to-fail (not failsafe) experiments, to promote engagement und to learn.Participants understand the difference between traditional ways of decision making and modern ones, the theory behind it and why this matters to every organization dealing with complexity and change.

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