Introduction to „The collegial leadership model”

Basics and fundamentals of the collegial leadership model

21 Nov
2 pm
3 pm


About the Session

Bernd Oestereich and Claudia Schröder have been working for several years in their company oose on the question of how their company can be set up in the best possible self-organized way. To this end, they have dealt with very different ideas and concepts such as Sociocracy,Holocracy, Agile product development, Beyond Budgeting, Systems Theory and others. After selling the company to their employees, they developed the concept of the Collegial Leadership model, which unites the essence of the different ideas and concepts.

What you will learn
I will introduce you to the basic principles of Collegial Leadership Model and the context in which organizations can benefit from it. You’ll get a better understanding of the critical factors that need to be taken into account during the transformation. Using a practical example, I will explain you how a transformation can be started.

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