Mindset matters

Vertical development as a key to a new understanding of leadership and corporate culture.

21 Nov
10 am
11 am

About the Session

I will show you in a model what developmental psychologists found out, about how we develop our mindset and how we can expand it. You will see, that you already expanded your mindset in the past and what may lie ahead of you. I will show how self-, team- and organizational-development can be better understood, if we know about the nature of mindset-development. Further we will give you an idea, how you can support mindset-development within ourself and your organization.

What you will learn

You will learn how we develop our mindset in steps and how our mindset is connected to the way we organize ourselves. And you may get an idea about your own mindset and what the next step on your learning journey might be.

Are you ready?

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