Purpose: The compass of your life

"When you see the purpose in your life, you can thrive."

21 Nov
3:00 pm
4:00 pm


About the Session

What is Purpose? Why should you know your purpose? Why is it beneficial to live a purposeful life?

You probably asked yourself one or more of the above questions. Knowing your purpose is vital. It helps you to live a meaningful life and share your gifts with the world. You feel content and joyful, since what you do makes sense to you. Your purpose operates like a compass in your life and guides you in order to thrive.

But how can you identify your purpose and live it?

I will share with you a psychological and mindful perspective on purpose. Then, we will explore the subject in a practical context, and you will receive one practical tool to implement in daily life so you can start living your purpose and thrive!

Are you ready?

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