Rethink Festival 2020 Announcement.


I'm excited to announce a new event called "Rethink Festival".

Rethink Festival?

We are in the midst of a fundamental transformation of society and economy. Driven by technology the way we live, work and be is changing radically and fast. Software, Smartphones, Algorithms (you name it) take over. And, humanity faces an even bigger challenges. Global warming, peak everything, agricultural land crisis and economic instability are just the tipping of the iceberg.

These challenges lead to the question – what can we do? For sure, existing models and mindsets, like an ever growing economy, the command and control paradigm in organisations or the way we consume NO LONGER WORKS. The world is volatile, fast changing. And still, most people and organisations operate with structures and processes from the past century.

Rethink festival is a platform and a community where we focus on learning, facilitating and exchanging new and emerging concepts ready for the next decades.

We want to fundamentally "rethink", why and how we do, what we do.

Theme: New Ways of Working

“New Ways of Working."

In short: There is an urgent need to rethink how we operate our organisations. We need an event, we need a community, we need time to learn and we need practical examples. We need to experiment on how the future can and should look like. Everybody is already part of this transformation.

We should not be lead by the transformation, we should lead the transformation.
Rethink Festival is meant to be a host for this.


Friday 20. November 2020
In person workshop "New Ways of Working" in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Saturday 21. November 2020
Global virtual conference with 2 keynotes and over 20 sessions.


If you have questions about the event, you can contact me via or call/whatsapp me on +41 (0)76 413 43 43.


Rethinking Festival Founder and Steward.

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