Submit your Session for Rethink Festival 2020

Rethink Festival brings people together from all over the world. Our primary audience is based in Europe, however we want to invite everybody to talk on the topic "New Ways of Working".

We cover a wide range of topics: Self-organisation, New Work, Regenerative Economy, Circular Economy, Post-Growth-Society, Personal Empowerment, Systemic Change, New Green Deal, Reinventing Organisations, Design Thinking, Ikigai, Agile Processes, CoWorking, CoCreation, Human Centered Design, Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, Change Management, Teal Organisation.

Important notes:
- Sessions should be related to one of the topics mentioned above
- Sessions should last 30-45 min incl. Q&A
- Sessions should not be a product or service promotion (You can introduce yourself as an expert in a field as well as present your business on the last slide)
- We will use as a virtual conference system. You won't need any special technical infrastructure as long as you can do a videoconference.
- You'll get a "free ticket" to attend all the other virtual sessions. There is no compensation for your contribution.

Don't hesitate to send in a submission!

Session submission form:

Submission Deadline: 31. October 2020

For any questions, please contact me on or +41764134343 (Phone or WhatsApp).


Rethinking Festival Founder and Steward.

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