Jonathan Misrahi

Purpouse Agent / Entrepreneur / Re-evolutionary

My purpose is to facilitate the evolution of human conciousness, within organizations and outside of them. I´m keen to transform realities by positively influencing the people who builds them. I am now acompanying Biking Buenos Aires´s transformation to become the first FPE (For Purpouse Enterprise) in LATAM, as to become the first Argentina based company to install Holacracy® as the operating system. Biking Buenos Aires offers experiential bike rides with its main focus in a full cultural immersion in the country cultures and customs. Our purpose at BBA is to bridge cultures and thus generate a better global co-existence. We have been a triple impact company from the very beggining, without even knowing about the formal term. We now live by such principles and do our best to inspire others into them as well! In parallel, I started a re-evolutionary trip with encode.org to impulse a new organisational paradigm that will empower people systemically, without needing bosses, employees or hierarchies

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